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The LeTip Creed

LeTip is a professional organization of men and women dedicated to the highest standards of competence and service.

Our purpose is the exchange of business tips. Members will, at all times, maintain the highest professional integrity. Each business category is represented by one member and conflicts of interest are not allowed.

LeTip Reno

Board of Directors


Dan Dooley
Edward Jones
(Financial Advisor)

(775) 332-2881

Vice President

Deven Peterson
Nevada Outdoors

(775) 826-3004


Jonny Schenk

(775) 786-9581


Jami Heiskanen
A1 Body Shop & RV Repair
(Auto Body Shop)

(775) 348-0908


Stu D'Alessandro
Ann Dankworth

(775) 722-7960
(775) 720-7302

Membership Director

Jessy Solie
Crimson HairArt Studio
(Hair Stylist)

(775) 348-1418

Past President

Walt Buckmaster
Pet Chef Express

Committees and Directors

Stan Mentzer
Allstate Insurance Company
(Property Insurance)
(775) 329-5523
(775) 329-5543 FAX

Rick Grabianowski
U-B-Fixed, LLC
(Handyman Services)
(775) 846-1138 CELL
(775) 323-7153 FAX

Brian Mathews
AIG Financial
(Insurance - Life/Health/Disability/
Long Term Care)

(775) 829-9633

Tom Emerson
Diversified Painting
(775) 358-8818
(775) 221-0285 CELL
(775) 358-8918 FAX

Gabe Jurado
Eagle Home Mortgage
(Mortgage Lender)

Program Director
(775) 848-1372

Jessy Solie
Posh Salon
(Hair Stylist)

Business Mixer Director
(800) 826-7674
(775) 287-1810 CELL

Deven Peterson
Nevada Outdoors
Sergeant at Arms
(775) 826-3004

John Williamson
B & W Wholesale
(Advertising Specialties)

(775) 856-3522
(775) 856-3622 FAX

Linda Anderson
Design Lab, LLC
(Graphic Design)
Public Relations
(775) 425-1172
(775) 425-1173 FAX

Chris DeMay
Keller Realtor Co.
(Commercial Realtor)
Lunch Bunch
(775) 786-1616
(775) 720-4677 CELL

Linda Anderson
Design Lab, LLC
(Graphic Design)

(775) 425-1172

Jim Ainsworth
Art Images

(775) 722-1533 CELL
(775) 331-1176 FAX

Chemane Trimble
Mary Kay
(Cosmetics/Skin Care)

Seminar Director
(775) 742-1271

Robert Shaw
Sierra Business Networks
(Computer Networking)

(775) 354-2500
(775 354-2551 FAX
(775) 690-1770 CELL

Andy Hill
Life Compass
(Business and Career Coach)

(775) 772-8186 CELL
(775) 853-2778 FAX

Weekly Meeting

weekly LeTip Reno

Our regular meeting is every Wednesday (with only a few exceptions) from 7 am to 8:30 am.
We ask that you be there by 7:00 am.

Tamarack Junction Casino,
13103 S Virginia in Reno.

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LeTip is about: Dollars in Your Pocket

The Importance of bringing in new members

When our organization grows, each member receives the benefit of more money in their pocket. Our focus on growth should be to bring qualified guests and show those guests the value of joining the Reno LeTip Chapter. Every member agreed upon joining LeTip to bring a new member into the organization within one year of joining.

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Contact Us

LeTip Reno

Membership Info:

Jessy Solie, (775) 348-1418

The President:

Dan Dooley, (775) 332-2881

Mailing Address:

PO Box 20303
Reno, NV 89515-0303

Email Us

LeTip International, Inc.
4838 East Baseline Rd, Suite 123
Mesa, AZ 85206
(800)255-3847 · (480)699-6125

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